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Valencia, a brand started in 1972, offers incredibly affordable, yet well made classical guitars from under $80, in all sizes from 1/4 to full size.

Redding offers both full size classical guitars and steel string guitars with a narrower neck, ideal for students who struggle with a wider traditional classical guitar neck.  With classical guitar packs for $129 and steel string for just $159, there is no need to risk one of the poor quality ‘knock-offs’ floating around online, or in department stores and pawnbrokers.  The Redding guitars sound and play like decent guitars, at a really affordable price.

For a more comfortable size in a steel string guitar, the Aria Fiesta offers 3/4 size for under $150.  Great value and will suit younger students.


Morris Brothers can give you a selection of electric guitar and amp packs from quality makers, from $299.  Including guitar, amp, strap, lead, tuner, lessons – even picks.

Our bass and amp packs give you a selection of styles and colours, with a 15w bass amp and all the accessories from just $399 complete.

Come in and see us for the perfect start to your musical career.

about starter guitars

Stater Guitar is everything a new student needs, we know the importance of that ‘first guitar.’  Our selection of Starter Guitars is based on the best performance for your budget (big name brands are less important, as they generally outsource, not making their own instruments in this price range).

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