Brisbane’s award winning, family-owned music store since 2001!

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Morris Brothers Music Store

Brisbane’s award winning, family-owned music store since 2001!

Your one-stop music store in Brisbane for professional musicians and students in need of musical instruments.

Expert musicians and musical staff ready to help you out.

A complete set of musical instruments for all your music-related needs.

19+ years of experience serving student to professional musicians in Brisbane.


Morris Brothers is Brisbane’s most complete and trusted music store, offering a wide range of musical instruments, accessories, sheet music, and more for musicians of all levels. Whether you are a private or school teacher, student, musician, hobbyist or just love playing music — our range of products and expertise can help you.

For 20 years we have operated as a family business, running the premier music store in Brisbane and helped countless musicians residing in nearby suburbs.

Our staff are all musically inclined. They are teachers, tuners, repairers, and musicians as well. We have a high level of musicality, technical expertise, and customer service. We thrive on making music. You’ll receive sound advice based on genuine experience as well as find kindred spirits who will share your musical interests.

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Brisbane's #1 music store

Morris Brothers is an award-winning music shop that caters to musicians and music lovers all over Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs.

Whether you need a brand new instrument, want to inquire about school band rentals or need rosin, new reeds and even guitar picks — Morris Brothers has a team of musicians, teachers and experts to help you.


At Morris Brothers Musical Store, we are incredibly passionate about involving Brisbanites of all ages in music.

Our music shop caters to customers that include all kinds of musicians at every level — from beginners, professionals, those playing an instrument again after a long break and more.

We have brand new musical instruments for every budget, and we also offer certified, high-quality, refurbished, second-hand instruments for those on a budget.

These are perfect for parents of children just starting on their musical journey who might not want to commit to purchasing a brand new instrument just yet.

We work with educational music programs by offering the best rates for school band instrument rental services. 

Morris Brothers is also the music store Brisbane instrumentalists and musicians frequently visit for repairs and maintenance services as well as teacher and studio referrals.


Expansive Range

You will get only the best instrument brands at the most affordable prices. You can choose from a complete range of instruments from pianos to strings, brass, percussion, woodwinds and more, as well as print music, along with all the necessary accessories such as extra strings, rosin, reeds and more.


Your school band will soon be concert ready! To honour our family heritage of making music affordable for families via our music shop in Brisbane, we are proud to deliver the lowest school band instrument rental rates in all of Queensland!

Unmatched Customer Service

You will receive the best customer care from our expert musical staff. Our staff are made up of music teachers, tuners, repairers and musicians, and not slick commissioned sales staff, to give you experience-based advice who understand what you need.

Affordable Options

We believe that instruments should be easily accessible and affordable. This is why we specialise in both pre-loved (hand-selected by our experts) instruments and ex-rental musical instruments, which we sell at reduced prices.

Best In The Industry

You will be served by the best. Morris Brothers have won best specialty retailer in the business achiever awards, as voted by our wonderfully supportive customers.

Wonderful Community

You can help out the community! Each year we give back to our Brisbane and donate musical goods to many of our local schools for fetes, events, raffles to assist them in raising funds for their music programs.

Repair & Maintenance Services

You won't get stuck with a broken instrument. We provide outstanding repair and maintenance services both onsite and off. We have a piano and brass repair workshop, offer free restringing of violins (strings purchased from MB), removal of stuck mouthpieces, teacher referral service and other free benefits.

50+ Years Of History

You will be a part of a 50+ year commitment to making music. The Morris Brothers Musical Store is operated by the two sons and granddaughter of John Morris, the founder of Queensland's most famous music shop, the Australian Academy of Music, which was founded in 1967. Our family legacy is our love for making music and thinks everyone should have the chance to do so as well!


Morris Brothers Music Store is located in Stafford, Brisbane. As a family-owned business with some great staff there are a few things that make us unique compared to other music stores:

  • You can talk to teachers, repairers & musicians.
  • We offer QLDs lowest cost school band instrument rental.
  • We specialise in affordable ex-rental, used, and new student instruments.
  • Every ukulele is discounted, with 15% – 25% off every ukulele over $200.
  • We offer the best value on Maton guitar packs.
  • Expert repair services (many on-site).
  • Huge print music and accessory range.
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